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modified starch Company in India

Modified starch is obtained by treating a corn or wheat starch with high temperature, alkali, acids or enzymes. Modified Starch is belonging to a family of carbohydrates and it is available in synthesized form. As it is the main ingredient in pharmaceutical industries; they approach to a best modified starch dealer in India. In today day to day life, the modified starch came in more use in many other food products such as fast food like Chinese dishes. In that case, chief of reputed hotels or restaurants should use a good quality of starch by best modified starch suppliers or companies.

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As modified starch has a strong binding ability, raise demand in various industries. In the market there is a variety of starch is available like corn starch, wheat starch, potato starch, rice starch, etc. To know the best starch for your product you should consult the best modified starch companies in India.

Starches are modified to enhance their application in a different area of industries accordingly such to increase stability, as a stabilizing agent, binding agent, etc.

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