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Having a wish to supply the best quality products; ADC solutions founded in 2018, in the shape of a modern supplying unit. We are a young Chemical Exporter firm but achieved a great reputation in the whole of India. We supply and export a wide range of chemicals, which may be used for industrial or other purposes. We are confident about our product quality because we always work on NO-Compromise approach.

Mud Chemicals Dealer, Supplier & Exporter Company in India

We are not only aimed to supply good quality, on-time delivery at affordable prices but also to collaborate with the clients to use new suggestions and re-define product supply, which would be suitable for their needs.


Our mission is to provide a high-quality product to our customers; we continuously develop, new strategies to supply the products and always intend to perform better in comparison to last time.


Proficiency and immense knowledge in the trading of chemicals is our driving force; we are doing hard as a chemical supplier and exporter, to make strong footprints in Chemical Sea.


- To become top employer of its class
- Strive for excellence in performance
- Contribute to an enterprise and country

Industries We Serve


Oil Field

Paper Manufacturing

Tiles Manufacturing

Adhesives Manufacturing

Find the right product and get benefit.

The goal of supply of Drilling and Speciality Chemicals